Project Description

Spring, Albert and Archer Street Precinct, Chatswood

GMU was appointed by Springvue Pty Ltd to undertake an urban design study to determine the potential height and appropriate built form strategy for the site located at the main intersection of Archer Street and Albert Avenue, Chatswood.

GMU conducted a detailed analysis of the site’s context and the desired future character of the centre area. It was recognised that this large consolidated site is one of the few opportunities sites having greater potential for higher density development at the western end of Chatswood.

In recognition of the site’s strategic location and its potential to contribute to the future orderly expansion of the centre, GMU developed 2 built form strategies for the site. Each option explored the potential to have two marker towers on the site with the desired scale transition to respond to the existing context and desired future streetscape. These 2 options were further tested to ensure no adverse shadow impacts to the surrounding existing development. The vision of the site was to establish a new vibrant and sustainable precinct with improved the permeability and connectivity to deliver a great destination for people to live, work and visit.