Project Description

Southlands Shopping Centre Expansion, Penrith

GMU was appointed by RM (No.4) Pty Ltd to undertake an urban design study for the Southlands Shopping Centre Expansion. The subject site is located at Jim Scott Park, South Penrith which is to the south of Southlands Shopping Centre. The purpose of this study was to explore and determine an appropriate built form and scale for the site.

GMU conducted a detailed analysis of the site’s context and developed 2 strategies for the site. Each option presented a different height distribution and included the short term and long term vision of the future development for the subject site. Both schemes sought to expand the existing shopping centre and integrate it with community facilities on the ground level and residential use on upper levels. The aim was to establish a vibrant cultural, shopping and living precinct for the local community.

The final preferred master plan sought to locate the height around the perimeter of the site, providing a better containment to the public domain. This would also facilitate the expansion of shopping centre on its own. The plan has been presented to the local Council and the client is recently progressing the application for a Planning Proposal.