Project Description

4 Magdalene Terrace, Wolli Creek

GMU was engaged by TQM to undertake an urban design study for the site at 4 Magdalene Terrace, Wolli Creek.

The site had an approval to support an 8 storey staged development, allowing the construction of an Aldi supermarket on the ground floor as the first stage and 7 levels of commercial and residential developments as the second stage which had been approved as a building envelope with the architectural details to be subject to further DA.

The study was to explore options to modify the approved building envelope to reflect the current development scale around the site.

The purpose of the study was to inform the proposal of the potential heights, FSR and massing that might be reasonably achieved on the subject site above that of the current controls at the time based on the surrounding context, approved proposals in the vicinity and council’s plans for the adjacent public open space. The aim of GMU’s design principles for the site were to maximise solar access to the common open space and to existing units to the south. The proposal was presented and discussed with council’s Strategic unit and it was well received.