Project Description

Byer Street Precinct, Enfield

GMU was engaged by Burwood Council to provide development controls to guide the redevelopment of Byer Street, Enfield. The DCP anticipates redevelopment within the Byer Street precinct, and stipulates design controls to ensure future developments would result in the orderly redevelopment of the precinct without significant adverse impacts on the surrounding properties. The DCP provides detailed provisions to guide development along Byer Street to:

  • Provide a framework to encourage site amalgamation and allow residential flat building developments within the area;
  • Allow a transition in scale from the commercial/mixed use corridor along the Enfield Town Centre to the surrounding lower density residential areas to the east and west sides of Byer Street;
  • Promote design excellence in the built form design whilst minimising environmental impacts on the surrounding properties;
  • Protect and enhance the public domain.

The study was presented to councillors and a number of the controls have been adopted.