Project Description

Mt Gilead, Campbelltown VIA

GMU was engaged by Mt Gilead Pty Limited and a private landowner to provide a Views Study for the Mount Gilead site located on Appin Road, Campbelltown. The site is approximately 210 hectares and it is composed of two parcels of land.

In conducting this study, GMU conducted a site visit and prepared photographic documentation of the existing views and a review of the existing project and strategic documentation available for the site, as well as reports by other consultants on the project.

A number of views were chosen which included views to the site from the public domain, views of the site from private adjoining land, and views from the site to off-site features, and views within the site. The study provided a summary of the views and concluded with the key urban design recommendations for proposed development on the site. This analysis took into account areas of landscape character, the visual context and recommended development areas.