Project Description

Marrickville Hospital Master Plan

GMU was appointed by Marrickville Council to prepare a concept master plan for the Marrickville Hospital and Petersham Administration Centre sites. Following the successful adoption of this master plan GMU was also appointed to prepare architectural sketches and diagrams to test the feasibility of the adaptive reuse of the heritage hospital buildings and the envelopes for the future residential and commercial built forms.

GMU translated the Council’s brief into blocking and stacking plans to test if Council could successfully relocate their offices and facilities to the existing hospital and new extension proposed by GMU under the master plan. GMU extensively tested arrangements and opportunities including car parking layouts, ramp options and floor plans for each level of the hospital. The architectural study demonstrated to Council that the offices could be relocated and enabled preliminary cost studies to be undertaken.

After completion of the Marrickville Hospital study GMU was also engaged to prepare feasibility floor plans for the adaptive reuse of the existing Council building located at Petersham as well as a new residential apartment building for the car parking site. GMU prepared floor plans, car park layouts and indicative sections through the buildings within the envelopes in the master plan to test available yields and allow preliminary financial feasibility studies of the project.