Project Description

Good Street Precinct, Westmead

GMU was appointed by former Holroyd City Council (now Cumberland Council) to undertake an urban design study for a residential block known as the Good Street Precinct in the Westmead area. The aim of this study was to investigate zoning options for the precinct in terms of height, built form and building typology in reference to the proposed changes to the Local Environmental Plan (LEP), whilst responding to the context of the surrounding neighbourhood. The reason for the changes to the LEP is mainly the new Transitway bus route connecting Liverpool with Parramatta through Great Western Highway, with two stops in close proximity to the study area. The aims of the study were to:

  • Recommend a residential flat building type/s for the precinct based on the detailed analysis;
  • Provide a plan and minimum requirements for amalgamation and/or subdivision for the precinct;
  • Provide a building envelope plan for the precinct;
  • Recommend an FSR and height/storey limit for the precinct, based on the detailed analysis, also considering the amenity of surrounding residents (e.g. solar access and zoning);
  • Recommend street setbacks, where the current and Draft DCP controls for residential flat buildings may not respond to the individual context of the precinct;
  • Recommend communal open space, landscape and private open space controls for the precinct;
  • Recommend the criteria for the location of car park access points.