Project Description

Elanora Height Village Centre

GMU was engaged by former Pittwater Council (now Northern Beaches Council) to prepare amendments to the Development Control Plan (Pittwater 21 DCP) to ensure the implementation of the proposed Master Plan (By GMU) for the Elanora Heights Village Centre based on the desired future character for the village and best practice urban design principles.

Elanora Heights Village Centre is located in the former Pittwater Local Government Area on Kalang Road, close to St Andrews gate and Powder Works Road. The Master plan seeks to consolidate the Village Centre and act as a catalyst for future development.

To incorporate the Master Plan into Pittwater DCP 21, GMU provided the necessary amendments and additions to the substantial parts of the DCP, including Part A- the desired character of Elanora Heights Village Centre, Part D- Built Form, Architectural Character, Landscape Character, Amenity, Vehicular Access, Part B & C- General Controls and Development Type Controls. The proposed amendments were successfully incorporated into the Pittwater DCP 21.